A Chameleon Kitchen

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A Kitchen Chameleon

I'm lovin' this kitchen here's why. Island that rolls out from under countertop, has pantry storage and leaves a breakfast bar area, lazy susan with pull outs, pull out under sink.


Alright so it’s not a small kitchen and it’s obviously a set, but look at the functionality of it!  Sure, I would have gone to the ceiling with the cabinets.  I don’t want to feel I have to clean up there ever and lighting would highlight dust and cobwebs.  And the open shelving and frosted glass aren’t the best if you’ve got overflowing cabinets.  But look at the versatility of an island on wheels!

Here  the island is partially docked under the higher eating section making a peninsula layout.  The island is the same standard height as the rest of the kitchen.

blythe rolling island

This shot gives you a better view of the heights of the island, main counter and raised eat-in area.

Eat- in area is comfortable for two people.  The rolling island is now a true island and gives the kitchen more counterspace.

blythe appliance wall

Wall oven, microwave, fridge, and pantry create a space with everything of a similar depth and easily accesable.

blythe cabinet organization

Look at all this organized space!  I think I would store the heavier items ( all those cans) in the pantry and put lighter items in the island.  Between the weight of the cabinet, countertop, and rolling it over the grout lines in the floor, lightening the load of stored stuff would be a good idea.

Thank you Thomasville Cabinetry for this inspiration.   You can  see this and other kitchens at  https://www.thomasvillecabinetry.com/

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