about me - grey haired woman facing away from camera

Pour yourself a tea/coffee/drink and join me-

Imagine sitting at your kitchen table with a kitchen designer friend who will and inspire you and keep you realistic.  Is your kitchen outdated or doesn’t function for your lifestyle?  Do you have doors that are falling off their hinges and drawers that don’t close?  I’ll help you figure out what you want, need, and must have in your kitchen.  You’ll set realistic expectations and budgets.  I’ve worked with DIYers  on minimum budgets, flippers and those refreshing for resale, and large renovations.  You get the tools you need going into a remodel so that you can make informed decisions on what to choose to do and buy.

What I bring to the kitchen table-

I am a kitchen designer in a big box store.  I’ve designed kitchens for million dollar houses and studio apartments.  I’ve helped people who just want a quick fix to sell and those building their forever home.  I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve heard a lot of it!

Sometimes I’m –

  • a marriage counselor (a kitchen reno is among the most stressful situations in a relationship)- between money concerns, how to use the space, style, money, thinkers vs feelers making decisions, delays, and of course money,  things can get a little hot.
  • a shoulder to lean on–  I had a young woman in a few weeks ago who had already signed up with a designer and contractor from somewhere else and was close to tears on the costs and timeline of her remodel.  We went over her budget and she realized she had lowballed her expenses, though the cost of her cabinets was good.  So we went over how to save money in other areas including the countertop which was considerably more expensive in her original quote than we would charge.  She left  more confident in the choices she had made and informed on those to come.
  • Wikipedia–  I want to make it simple for you to get the information and ideas you need in one place. If I don’t know something, I know someone who does or I can find out.
  • the wall, throw spaghetti at me and see if it sticks– tell me your ideas and lets see if they work for you.  If not then I’ll be…
  • your voice of reason–  “But if we move the dishwasher here it will open up all this space!” If you move the dishwasher there you’ll have to carry your dirty dripping dishes 8 feet from the sink. And run a separate drain, which would mean taking down the ceiling in the room downstairs to move plumbing including the vent pipe. I don’t think the neighbors downstairs would like that.
  • teacher– my job is to get you to think. How do you want to use your space?  How do you want it to make you feel?  How do you allocate your time and money and how do you figure out how much you can, should, will spend?  What are your priorities?  What the Hell have you gotten yourself into?  It’s also to educate you on your options and what will work best for you.

I’ve been in the remodeling and design business for a long, long, long time.  First as a garden designer, then helping clients repair and remodel their houses.  I know the impact that our surroundings have on us and the way it impacts quality of life and peace of mind.  I know that a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t work right for the owner makes using it annoying  and one that functions well, but is aesthetically wrong can suck a piece of your soul out every time you look at it.  Believe me I know it!

 So top off that tea/coffee/wine and let’s figure out what you need