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nautical kitchen mood board

The crisp, clean lines of a vintage yacht is the inspiration for this mood board’s cabinet and hardware selections.  

Navy blue bottom cabinets give visual weight to to the kitchen anchoring (sorry, I had too!) the lightness of the white upper cabinets.  Bonus- the dark color hides dirt and dribbles better.  Brushed brass hardware, lights, and faucet reflect the polished brass of a boat, but is more up to date than Gran’s brass hardware .  Stainless steel and chrome would also work- don’t forget you can mix metals.  The floor can either be glossy polished wood or the popular driftwood finish in tile or vinyl plank.  Reflect the sea with a glass mosaic that reflects its ever-changing colors.  It would work as an inset behind the cooktop surrounded by the subway field tile seen here.  Its simple and classic.  Bring in an element of fun with bright yellow or red accessories.  The teapot or dishes, dishtowels, curtains, rugs, or seat cushions are an easy way to add color and texture and are simple to change out.

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