silverware drawer with wooden dividers for the cutlery


Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

The dream- place for everything and everything in its place

The easiest (in theory) step to a well organized kitchen is to purge.  Purge like Marie Kondo is on one side and Gordon Ramsey is yelling threatening encouragement is on the other.  Once you’ve gotten rid of three out of four of your decorative egg slicers,  take stock of what you’ve got and how frequently you use each item.  Now you can figure out how accessible stuff needs to be.  Something you use at holidays only may not even need to be stored in the kitchen.  If you make smoothies every day, but don’t want the blender on the counter all the time is a appliance lift in a dedicated cabinet worth it to you.  To you  is the important bit here.  Unless you are flipping the house, putting it on the market now or within 3 years, the kitchen has to work for the way you live.  It’s all about you and your family and the way you use your space!

Full disclosure:  I live with people who love to cook and love to have every imaginable accessory so that they can do a pizza in the outside Big Green Egg or many plate international tasting dish dinner.