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so many things to think about

Welcome to the overwhelm

There are so many details to a kitchen remodel, it can be overwhelming.  Where to start?  It’s easy to start with the pretty things- door styles, countertop, backsplash, appliances, finishes, colors …….  But it may also start outside the house with an addition or window and door changes.  Maybe a deck or patio is going on with a new  door to get to it.  Is that a french door or sliding patio door?  If french do they open inwards or outwards?  Which is the operating side.  Divided lights ( that grid of molding on the glass) or not.  Or maybe just a regular exterior door.  With glass? Divided? Art?  Wood, composite, steel?

Then what about the windows?  What type, size, color?  The placement of outlets and lights?  Do they all need to be ground fault everywhere?  USB ports in some?  Which ones?  Or a charging station or charging drawer?  Under cabinet lighting- puck or strip?  How old is the wiring and plumbing?  Is it up to code?  How are you going to heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer?  Etc, etc, etc…..  And we haven’t gotten to the pretty yet!

AARGH!!! my head's going to explode!

It’s like dominos- each thing effecting the next.  This is why you need a reputable general contractor and designer.  They’ve done this before and know what’s involved.  They’ve probably worked in your town and are familiar with the permitting and inspection processes and codes.

And that’s why I’m here- to help give you the knowledge base so you will feel comfortable and prepared to make all those decisions.  I’ve gathered up the posts directly related to remodeling here, including posts on materials, trades, organization and design.  I hope this helps, and , as always, if you have any questions please reach out to me here.

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