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Hello and Welcome!

You have vision of how your perfect kitchen would look and function.  It’s well organized with designated spaces for all your things and space for more stuff!  Clean and uncluttered.  There’s natural light flowing in from large windows during the day and its warm and cozy at night but with great lighting for tasks. You can finally cook the way you dream of- move over Martha!  You walk in and the space welcomes you and your guests.  You want to show it off- a dream spread in your favorite magazine. 

Sorry to burst you bubble-

Unless your name is Oprah or you have a humongous budget and space and maybe building your house from scratch, you probably won’t be able to do all that.  Especially the unicorn and rainbow dream of the always clean, let’s make a five course meal with flaming dessert, ready for that photo shoot.   Let’s see how we can take what you have, get it as close to your dream as possible, and still remain in budget.

First let’s figure out our route

Does the layout of your kitchen work for you or do you need to move things around?  Knock down walls ?  Are you moving, removing, changing the size of, or adding -plumbing such as the sink, dishwasher or fridge, windows, doors/ doorways, walls or soffits?  An addition?  You’re heading to a remodel.

Does the layout work for you and the finishes don’t?  Can you get away with just adding an area of cabinets or an island?  Perhaps some organizational updates?  Or are you constrained by your budget or time?  Are you planning to do bigger remodel in the future and you don’t want to put alot of money onto the kitchen right now?  Are you putting the house up for sale and need to increase the curb appeal and decrease the time it’s on the market ( or it’s been on the market and the feedback on the kitchen is holding people back)?  Look to refresh.

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