man using a circular saw to cut lumber on the floor


Your Team

Choose well

These are the people who will make or break your project.  Literally.  I’m serious.  Really.

Find professionals, research them, and treat them with respect.  From the designer to the Master Electrician to the kid sweeping the floor and fetching coffee, they are there to help you,  but know that you’re not their only client.  If they are either you’re paying $$$$ or there may be something hinky going on.  Skilled building labor is in short supply in the US. Those that have the knowledge and experience are looking at retirement and years of telling kids to go to college (and get in debt) and work in an office have caught up with us. I won’t get up on my soapbox here.  Maybe just a little bit.

Know also that just because they have tools and a van doesn’t make them any good.  Plenty of shady characters have licenses and llc’s.  Watch an episode of Holmes Makes it Right.  Get references, check them, google them, and check to see if they have any leans or cases against them.  

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