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Pull up a chair and lets talk kitchens-

Imagine sitting at your kitchen table hashing out your remodel with a designer friend who will inspire  you and keep you realistic?  Is your kitchen either unattractive or doesn’t function for your lifestyle?  I’ll help you figure out what you want, need, and must have.  You’ll set realistic expectations and budgets to get your goals.  You’ll get the tools you need going into your kitchen update so that you can make informed decisions on what to do and buy.

Every homeowner is unique and their needs in a kitchen reflect that.  If you live on take away you don’t need a commercial stove.  If, however,  you entertain a lot, use caterers, or have a large family you may need those 6 burners.  What are the options for someone who needs to spruce up their kitchen for resale?  How much time, effort, and money should they spend on it to return on that investment.

Where to start

So where do you start?

Well, the first thing I always ask customers is, “Is this to sell, to rent  or is it for you?  This gives us some guidelines about who we’re designing for.

  • If its for sale we know that is has to appeal to a wide range of buyers.  They will look for fresh, clean, maintained and functional.  This is generally not the place for a mosaic backsplash of the Grand Canal.  If you want that save it for your new place.  Your mantra is “I’m not staying here.”  And just because The Property Brothers always redo the kitchen to sell the house doesn’t mean you have to.  We’re here to explore your options.
  • If you’re redoing a kitchen for rental your main concerns are durability and price.  These are effected by the cost of the rental and who you want as a tenant.  Tenants can be brutal on things.  Some will figure they don’t own them and feel its your responsibility to fix stuff.  You may spend forty thousand  on a remodel when your tenant is a corporate rental, but if its a group of students off the shelf cabinets may be just the thing.
  • If it’s a remodel for you the next question is, “How long are you planning to stay in your home?”  If they answer less than five years then remodeling to sell is a high consideration. You want it to stand up and work for you while your there, be attractive to you and the future potential buyer.  If your staying for ten years or more then do whatever you want.  Put in that Grand Canal mosaic backsplash!
  • How much of a remodel do you need?  Can you get away with just a refresh? Is refacing a good option?  Or do you need to blow the whole thing up with an all out remodel?

What I bring to the table

Because I’m a kitchen designer in a big box store,  I’ve worked with DIYers on minimum budgets, flippers and those refreshing for resale, and large renovations.  I’ve had clients whose budgets were under $500 and others putting on kitchen additions larger than many houses.  I know what its like to have a kitchen where you put down a plate and half your countertop is covered.  Drawers that won’t close, doors off their hinges, a corner you always bang into, not to mention orange and gold lava patterned laminate countertops.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

A full on remodel is a long, dirty, costly process and something always goes wrong.  Always.  Expect it.  It could be material delays, asbestos or electrical issues in the wall, or your trades come down with flu.  You have to roll with it and move on.  Even a simple cabinet paint job can be stressful.  I once helped a woman who couldn’t choose between white colors.  Or should she go grey?  Not helped when her husband said, “They’re all white!  Just choose!”  So many things to decide on and so many things to choose from can be overwhelming.

  Let’s get started, shall we?  start here